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Melissa Stevens, Brion Toss, Guy Stevens Entanglements This is a story about two riggers, a badly measured piece of rigging, and the beauty that comes out of it. On a recent Sunday I received a phone call from a close and beloved friend, Gordon. I knew what the call was about before I answered the phone.  For almost [...]

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Life Underway

Day 2 : Life Underway Position: 20*02.07 N 113*56.4 W 6.9 Knots SOG 230* COG We had to motor through the night in light winds from about 8:00 at night till 0800 this morning. We are hoping that this doesn't happen often on this passage, because the only thing we are rationed on is fuel, as Aiki [...]

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Morro Bay 2017

Aiki in Morro Bay May 2017 Cruising plan Changes: Aiki performed wonderfully on this portion of the trip, and we were making excellent time toward the Marquesas. The seas turned out to be much bigger than forecasted, and the winds a bit stronger, but Aiki sailed beautifully and was well behaved. Everyone was quite [...]

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